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Hubert Webb, The Truths and Lies in the Visconde Massacre

I know a lot of you judged Hubert Webb from the start and I also did but after seeing this article from influential blogger, my anger and judgement went back to the middle and started to think “what if’s”.

Like many Filipinos, I have already judge and concluded Hubert Webb as guilty of the Vizconde Massacre. Much of that was influenced by what I read and saw in traditional media at that time. Not to mention movies were created, with well-known celebrities and producers, further giving credibility about the issue. Everything else that the Webb clan has said, I assume, were false and just a way for former Senator Freddie Webb of influencing the case using his position.

But more than a decade later, and after reading, talking, and eventually meeting Fritz Webb, there’s this anger for I felt brainwashed and manipulated.

It reminded me of Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink” where – when our minds are conditioned to believe a perspective, then everything else, no matter how doubtful, is put aside due to the bias we developed.

It felt like everything that Lauro Vizconde, former Senator Rene Cayetano, the NBI, Jessica Alfaro, stories published in the Inquirer or said was the only truth. But watching the Probe video series raised a lot of questions.

Video from the FBI

Video of Hubert and his family

This is a repost from and I just want to share this. Please read the FULL STORY HERE


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  1. youarealooswer

    well atleast Hubert Webb even we can’t say He’s guilty or not already served his sentence. How about you? Haven’t you committed any rape recently? Oh by the way you’re fun with photography is this your new modus to attract girls? Irresponsible Idiot!

    August 22, 2011 at 9:12 am

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