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Millions of frog on the streets

Horrible news broke on Wednesday when a horde of frogs march on one of the Greece’s major highways near Thessaloniki. The frogs caused a two hour closure of the highway and three accidents are reported but there are no human injuries were reported. The massy hoppers are probably looking for food, told Giorgos Thanoglo to Associated Press.

Wait a minute! Are these creatures are really looking for food or there are some other factors that contributed to their appearance. It looks like something is disturbing their habitat, maybe environmental issues. In most cases, animals tend to leave there habitat because it has been destroyed. The pollution and waste materials are some of the things that might disturbed them. Hence, there food chain is broken and they are taking initiatives in looking for a place conducive for their living. If we keep on looking at these creatures and do nothing, someday all of the animals will revolt because we are making their habitat a garbage bin.

Let us imagine if the wolves, tigers, lions and other meat eating animals will look for food and human is included in their list because there are no other species left to eat and due to the scarcity of food they will hunt us. Someday it will happen if we will not take our preventive measures into actions. The truth is, we human are insensitive and careless in doing things that might harm other creatures. We are the steward of all things and we are all responsible in maintaining the balance of our planet but what we have done? We keep on converting and putting all things to the bank. If all of our resources will be depleted, what would we use as food? Money? Think of it! You might have the idea and the will to make a change and save of what still remains.


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  1. eww!! ang frog.. but all you’ve said was true.. now a days many of these animals are leaving there homes just to feed them selves.. and what if the time comes for those carnivorous animal start to mix in human community just to find food.. it’s awful to think right? hmmm.. sometimes the one to blame is human(one of them), we start to get thing more and more without realizing about the big consequence.. just like taking other living being homes(like animals home”forest”). sometime i think it is called balance.. we take more that we need and they take there part too as the consequence.. it’s like What you sow is what you reap…

    ahehehe.. nosebleed? related ra?

    May 31, 2010 at 1:55 am

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