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Slideshow animation template – stylish3000

This tepmplate is created out of my curiosity to make a 3D simulation environment and I guess I made it, oh, I don’t know if I did it right and maybe there are some flaws in the animation but that would work specially for photo slideshows.  This animation will allow you to animate pictures in 3D space and it looks very cool when you see your photos floating in the space.  I assume that you have already imagined the outer space and as you all know, there are lots of particles there, so I added particles in the 3D space plus the camera movement is very dynamic and the overall transition are quite well.  I cannot do this without the help of the tutorials of Mr. Kramer.  I would not write his first name here, he might kick my ass. LOL…  Anyways, this is his whole idea and what I did was made a template that is easy for me to customize in case there is a person who wants this design rendered on his slideshow.  So, the pictures can be replaced anytime without affecting the animation.  Oh,  this animation is a hard disk freak.  It consumes a lot of space but its worth it and if ever you would see your pictures inside this template with your chosen audio, you will be amazed and you would probably get back to me and kick my ass.  lol, I am just kidding.  Thats all and if you happen to be interested, just ping me and I will make you one.  You will surely love this template and it would be rendered in DVD format so that you can, you know, have some cool menu if you decided to collaborate mutiple videos in one DVD.