Getting ahead!

Shout out! Not angry mode

I recently watched a video from FroFnowsPhoto about people who are doing reviews on DSLRs, lenses and other photography products which only see the product in an unusable way. They are going in the opposite direction that instead of making reviews on how it works; they are making review what’s lacking in it. We must admit that nothing is perfect in this world and the gadgets and the new technology that we have is not exempted as they were created by man. Obviously, its features are limited over the purpose it was built. I remember when I was looking for a review of a lens, before I bought my 50mm lens. The first things you’ll see are forums that have the review of the lens and criticizing its features over its price. We’ll that’s not bad at all but what happened in that forum was, people who own that same lens try to simulate the situation where the lens show a defect so they add up to the testimonials and the credibility of the lens becomes stinky. Not a literal stink because that would be horrible, but it makes the gadget less appealing and that is the saddest part. So, let’s view some actions with the FroKnows. See yah!

I’ve been listening and watching this guy for 3 months now and I really, really recommend that you follow him if you want to learn and have a mentor. He answers when you call him on skype and emailed back to me when I asked. hehehehe…

P.S: He is not mad in the video.


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