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Solar-panel-equipped satellite

A very promising innovation from Japan buzzes my ears as I read the news. Japan is very serious in installing a satellite in space equipped with a four square kilometer solar panel. This satellite is designed to collect solar energy from the sun and transmit it via microwave and expected to produce 1-gigawatt of energy. It is really promising because it can supply 300,000 homes and no power cut off because there are no clouds in space.

What I have seen here are some glitches in the operation of this solar-panel-equipped satellite. What if it misses its target or the receiver of the 1-gigawatt microwave? It will destroy everything on its way and they will set no fly zone, it means that every plane going to Japan will take extra careful in flying. What if a terrorist will hack solar station and use it as a weapon? Everything that runs using computer can be hacked and we do not know the capabilities of the terrorist. This $21 billion project will either give us convenience or destructions.


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  1. Well done.
    You have a nice blog.
    Thanks for the post.

    June 3, 2010 at 2:20 am

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