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My Tips in photography for beginners

If you like photography and appreciate work of arts and you want it to be a hobby, the first thing you probably do is to look for a camera which can help you make good photos. This is true to everybody who tries to enter this kind of hobby. Photography equipments are expensive and can hurt your savings if you have enough for yourself. One thing you might take in considerations is the purpose of the camera and where you want it to use. Is it in business or for hobby? Do you plan a business out of it or simply desiring of having a professional, good looking camera? The purpose is important in selecting cameras because in every purpose comes with a money value. If you are not planning for business, then an entry level DSLR is enough to feed your desires. Entry level DSLR are good enough for you to create great photos and it comes in affordable prices. In my case, I bought a Nikon D3000 which is its entry level DSLR and I have no problem using it. I use it for generating income as well but the income that I get from photography is the money that I use to buy equipment upgrades to feed my hobby. At least I am not breaking the bank that’s why it is important for you to know your desires and the purpose before buying a camera.

When you have your camera, make sure that you read the manual first. In any electronic gadgets, the first thing you should do is to read the manual. When I unboxed my D3000, the first thing I did was read the manual. I spend about 10 minutes in reading the precautions and the basic operation of the camera. The usual thing we do when we have a new gadget is to explore in it and read the manual later when the gadget malfunctioned, when the damage has been done and that’s not a good practice. Read first before you use it and I tell you, you would understand faster if you read the manual first. In my case, I started shooting a point and shoot camera but the tutorial I am reading is applicable to DSLRs so when my D3000 came, I had no problems in using or adjusting its setting. Advanced readings are advisable and start from the basics. Don’t just jump in using pro settings like manual settings. Try to learn it step by step and do not rush and learn from other photographer. Always treat yourself as a beginner.

Photopholio is my photo blog and I want to showcase what I have learned in photography. My creations are simple but creative enough to stun your eyes. I am doing photography as a hobby as well as to help people you are in low budget to have decent photos in the most special events of their lives. You can visit Jkar photo blog for tons of images that you will truly enjoy.


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