Getting ahead!

I Love Earth – Our Creator is undeniably amazing

There are many things that are unexplainable and in fact some of them, until now are not yet defined. Like God, science never had a chance to prove that there was God but we know that He is our ultimate creator. As we have seen, many of the creatures on Earth are perfectly made and they have all specific role here on earth like the spiders and frogs who control pest and so on but what we have now are the amazing breeds of animals in the same kingdom but in different species. They have the mixed characteristics and appearance. Earth is so great that she allows us to see this spectacular evolution of creatures. Is it possible the dinosaurs had evolved to smaller creatures? It is very possible that they did not die because of the sophisticated theories produced by our scientist. Maybe we’ll just have to go back to the basic reasons, the Evolution. Why not we stick to that rather than studying the complex part of reasoning when most of the scientist lead up to theories? I guess that’s pretty much unpractical and a waste of time, money and brilliant mind. For me, all things are explainable by simple means. We should avoid making predictions and theories.

Anyways, let us cherish these creatures who had evolved. We do not know the reasons yet but probably they have the instinct that their race is slowly vanishing so they made some cross breeding to retain their race or its because of the climate change were they must adopt to a certain environment that they had not experienced and live with before.

Zebroids(Offspring of Zebra and any other Equine)

Savannah cats(Offspring of a domestic cat and a Serval)

Ligers(cross of a male lion and a female tiger)

Wholphins(cross between a false killer whale and an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin)

Grolar bears(offspring of a grizzly bear and a polar bear)

Beefalo(fertile offspring of domestic cattle and American bison)



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