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Cave of Giant Crystals – Naica, Mexico

Amazing scenery was discovered by miners Naica, Mexico on September 2009. It was accidentally discovered by silver and lead miners. It was discovered when miners pumped out water out of the chamber to collect huge volumes of lead and silver. The chamber lies almost 900 feet below the surface of the Earth.

After pumping tons of mine, the miners figured a large chamber with huge and amazing crystal which is made of selenite (crystallized gypsum). These crystals were formed at a span of more or less 500,000 years. According to Kourounis, the cave is so beautiful and it is like an element in a scifi movie that the crystals were very huge.

Out of this beautiful scenery a dangerous exploration must be taken before seeing it. The cave’s environment is so hostile where heat will bite you to death without proper protective gear. When you enter the cave, a specialized suit must be worn. It is compose of insulated vest which comes along with frozen gel to cool you up and specialized breathing apparatus to supply cool air. But this suit can only last at a maximum time of 30-50 minutes depending on the person’s resistance and stamina.

Upon entering the cave, the heat coming from the inside will strike you like a truck. The temperature there reaches up to 105C (228F) and that is completely unbearable.

Photo Credit: George Kourounis
Source: Click here!


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  1. Your photos are incredible. wow!

    March 7, 2010 at 5:02 am

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