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US Cyberattack Simulation

As the network security breaches becomes highly rampant now a day’s, business sectors find remedies on hiring network professionals to administer the security of their business network who carries in and out vital data on a day to day basis. Moreover, the Whitehouse has broken the alarm as the massive cyberattack strike the private and government network systems. Cyberattacks has been detailed from China when current news pops out and Google finds its ways to resolve the issues on the breaching scandal.

Former top US intelligence are gathered and become cyberwarriors on Tuesday, Feb 16 on a simulation dubbed “Cyber ShockWave”, which will start from 10 am and will run 3 hours on Tuesday. This event is sponsored by the biggest companies which would include PayPal, Georgetown University, by General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, SMobile Systems, Southern Corporation and Georgetown University.

According to the current news, the simulation will be broadcast by CNN on the later date. This is to educate the people on how US will respond to a massive and simultaneous cyber attack and to let the public know their vulnerable spots. But of course, the simulation has not been spoiled to the public. Nobody knows what will happen in the simulation and the participants are blinded about the details of the simulation.


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