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Michael Jackson’s Doctor says “I’m Not Guilty”

Over the past decades Michael Jackson reined the music industry. He gained many fans and became popular over the years. But when his death calls him, all I can remember are fans crying to death. No wonder, he is an ultimate icon in the music industry. Many speculations roamed around of what was the cause of his death. Until they arrive at the conclusion that MJ’s death is caused by a professional malpractice.

Dr. Conrad Murray, a Houston cardiologist was put in a situation where he can’t hide. He pleaded not guilty over the accusation of involuntary manslaughter and the court sets a bail of $75,000, three times the usual bail for that case. Lets find out what expert says over the death of Michael Jacson.

Officials said the singer died in Los Angeles after Murray administered the powerful general anesthetic propofol and two other sedatives to get the chronic insomniac to sleep.
Murray is accused of the single felony count in a five-page complaint that said he “did unlawfully, and without malice, kill Michael Joseph Jackson” by acting “without due caution and circumspection.”

The complaint contains no details on Jackson’s death, but authorities have said the singer died after Murray administered the anesthetic and other drugs. Murray has said he did nothing that should have caused Jackson to die.
If convicted, the doctor could face up to four years in prison.
“We’ll make bail, we’ll plead not guilty and we’ll fight like hell,” Chernoff said before the charge was filed.

Known as “milk of amnesia,” propofol is only supposed to be administered by an anesthesia professional in a medical setting because it depresses breathing and heart rate while lowering blood pressure.

The American Society of Anesthesiologists warned in 2004 that a doctor using propofol should have education and training to manage anesthesia complications, be physically present throughout sedation and monitor patients “without interruption” for signs of trouble. Rescue equipment “must be immediately available,” it said.

Los Angeles investigators were methodical in building a case against Murray, wary of repeating missteps that have plagued some other high-profile celebrity cases, most notably against O.J. Simpson and actor Robert Blake, both of whom were acquitted of murder.

After reviewing toxicology findings, the coroner ruled Jackson’s death a homicide caused by acute intoxication of propofol, with other sedatives a contributing factor.
Murray appears to have obtained the drug legally and its use is not in itself a crime. To show the doctor was negligent in his care, detectives spoke to more than 10 medical experts to see if his behavior fell outside the bounds of reasonable medical practice.

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