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Tips on making relationships work

Relationship with someone is very important and quite difficult to build. This post is all about relationships, tips to avoid dispute. Happy reading!

Hi Folks, I would like to share to you of what are the secrets of a relationship and how would you jive with the flow to make it work. I’m not an experience love doctor but I exactly know what are the factors that will or may affect your relationship with your partner. Most of us have undergone break-ups without learning from our mistakes (except for those who had no boy friend since birth). We are not curious of what are the factors that contribute to the dispute between you and your partners. We are not eager enough to dig more into the details of what is the primary factor. We are not learning from our mistakes and do the same thing over and over again. Let’s scrutinize the factors and pay more attention to the facts and do not be defensive or try to defend yourself.

1.) As a couple to be or couple, try not to use “I”, “YOU”, and “ME” in talking stuffs about your plans in the future. It will only create an atmosphere of separateness. Remember, you are couples and it is expected to work and count as one. When talking about your plans, it is advisable to use “we” hence it will create an atmosphere of togetherness and your partner will think that he/she is included in your plans. I personally experienced troubles because of that thing.

2.) As a partner, try to be patient at your partners irritating behavior. Try to accept and correct your partner’s action as needed but do not focus on your partner himself (to the person), instead focus on correcting his/her behavior. For example, if he/she commits mistake, do not ask her/him “Why” questions instead ask her/him “What” question: Do not use: “Why did you do that?”. Use: “What pushed you to do that?” key points, “WHY” questions will initiate defensive answers while “WHAT” questions makes her/him explain. You get the point?

3.) Do not agree on what he says all the time. Doing this will make your partner feel that he/she is superior and as times goes by, it will create conflict in your relationship when you realize that he/she is now dominating the scenes. Disagree on things which you perceived wrong and agree on things which you think is right.

4.) If you have different faith, avoid criticizing. Talk about religion if you are with your friends. Do not try to give your point of view hitting his side. Try to jive with the group’s discussion rather than opposing on what he says.

5.) Do not make her/him feel that he or she is alone. Do not leave her in times of troubles and disputes whether he/she is right or wrong. Let her/him feel that he/she has a companion all the way. Especially girls, they don’t like that.

So, that’s all and I hope it will help guys out there to think twice before doing any actions. Be sensitive, caring and most of all be an understanding partner. Anyways, I wrote this just to share my experiences, if you find it helpful, please rate this post or leave a comment or relay this blog to your friends who needs it.


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  1. Shemae

    Hi there! Nice article huh? I have gained additional knowledge about how to make your relationship with your partner stay longer.. Thanx for tips! Hope to read more about your upcoming articles…

    February 5, 2010 at 2:08 am

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