Getting ahead!

Technology in mind

Who would think that a movie starring the blue aliens and Sam Worthington could soar as the highest grossing film in the entertainment industry? Looking back to Sam who was a year ago, no one had ever known of and now made $2 billion. The new trends of Hollywood films now a days is casting non-popular actors and actresses and focus the primary budget on the effects and equipment just to cut the cost of talent fees and spend the rest of the budget on technical professionals. In my point of view, it is a good trend because it makes more jobs for professionals like graphic artist who are previously underpaid in their field. What I am trying to say is it will create a huge impact in catering new opportunity for job seekers who are talented artist. It will most likely increase the demand of graphics artist up 200%. Wow, the trend is good for talented artist without compromising the essence and the quality of the movie.
Moreover, aside from SCI-FI films, another stuff trending in the cyber world are those social sites that builds gaming applications and first example of this is Facebook. People can’t resist in playing Facebook’s application because it is simply good to play and aside from that, people seeks for social participation because we, I mean humans are highly social beings. Facebook has greatly impact the people’s interest and consumes people time tremendously.
Technology might be interesting and will create amazing things but in excessive use might leave you behind. Everything is to be used in moderation, no exceptions.


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