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All about Photography

Photography is one of the arts that soars the highest market in the world today.  This is a method where a photographer (the one who takes a photo) gets the image of the subject using a device called camera and the device captures the details that the lens are focused.  These images are in 2D format which means that only the height and the width of the subject.  The photos now a days are becoming more lively and real time because of the colors applied to the photo. It means that what you will get what you have seen in the lens.  But, some factors may affect the quality of the photo one of those is the lighting in the environment.  Light is the main reason why we have photos now a days.  The quality may be different when taking a photo under the sun or taking a photo in a dimmed lighted studio.  Second is the distance of the subject from the lens or the camera.  In this case, the distance matters.  You will need good focal length to capture images from afar, so as the relation of zoom effects of commercial cameras now a days.

So that’s the basic facts about photography and all I can say is, all the photos that you will be taking, its quality depends on your artistic minds with proper angle and sharp vision.


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