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Most awaited 2010 Movie

One of the most awaited movies for 2010 is the Book of Eli which is a post-apocalyptic tale, in which a man fights across America to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving mankind.  It has been rumored that this movie will surpass the achievement of Avatar.  But that will remain as an assumption until it is release in theatre (Book of Eli).  A person around the film industry has created a margin of competition for the two movies.

The spoiler goes like this. Eli (Denzel Washington) has been on a long journey for 30 years, walking west across America after a dreadful war that turned the earth into a total wasteland. The world has become an ungovernable civilization and people must kill or be killed. Eli is a nonviolent man who only acts when threatened, and becomes a heroic warrior with astonishing killing skills when he is challenged and after the war and the “Big Flash”, Eli given the task of protect the book and taking it to its final destination. Eli guards the book with his life and might, because he knows that the book is the only hope for the future of humanity.


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